Protected from getting Stabbed || Man saw his Guardian Angel

Matthew 4:11 “Then the devil leaveth him and, behold angels came and ministered unto him.

On this Sunday, I have an incredible video for you to watch until the end. God is around at all times even when the devil is. Let me tell you a little about this video.

Here is a man that ran into some evil that made him feel like he could die that day. But the evil tried to stab him but he was saved. What happens next is incredible.

So go over and watch the video. God is around trying to save his people. Rather it’s taking you home or giving you another chance at life, God will save you. This is a video of proof that God and his Angels are real. God Bless and have a wonderful Sunday

14 thoughts on “Protected from getting Stabbed || Man saw his Guardian Angel

  1. I am sorry Mrs. Holliman. I think anyone who talks about requiring a supernatural power to talk with God or to get God’s help is wrong. We all can receive personal revelations from God by asking and learning how to receive them. Talking to others in your family or friends about this method which is supported by Heavenly Father and Our Lord Jesus Christ and The Holy Ghost. Our friendship does mean a lot to me and always will.

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      1. I am still some sore all over my body still since my accident. I did not have Collision on it so I will when my Policy takes effect. I should have done it long time ago. I am finally going to have my SUV back on the road on Monday. I want it so much to see doctors. Lab Tests and Physiotherapy appointments.

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