A way to keep writing

Hello everyone, I hope everyone’s day start a with love and positivity. May the sun shine down on you and may that you all be safe.

With that said, I have a website that you might want to check it out. This website is for people that like to write but also that like to read books. On this site you can write short stories and pit them into a contest, and you can become a book reviewer as another way to make extra money.

You will find some real good writers on there and they have some great stories that you might want to read. The name of the site is Reedsy.com if you haven’t heard of it. This site is just a place where you can waste some time and get some great ideas. I haven’t been on this site to long but so far it’s been great. If you would like to check it out click the link in this sentence or if you would like to read some of my stories click the banner below.

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