Sunshine Blogger Award #16

Hello blog family, Today I want to bring back this Sunshine Blogger Award just to spread some sunshine in people’s day. I think you will love doing this again. There is nothing like having some sunshine brighten up your day. Hope you all I choose participate in this and have fun with it. God bless and have a wonderful day.

“The Sunshine Blogger Award is given by bloggers to Bloggers who inspire positivity and creativity in the Blogging Community.”

The Rules Are :

  1. Thank the blogger(s) who nominated you and link back to their blog.
  2. List the rules and display the Sunshine Blogger Award logo in your post/ or on your blog.
  3. Answer the 11 Questions the Blogger asked you.
  4. Nominate up to 11 new blogs to receive the award, write them 11 new Questions and notify them about the nomination.

My 11 Questions for my Nominees:

1.What is one of your funniest time of the summer?

2.How do you like your ice cream? Plain or Toppings?

3.What is your favorite gospel songs?

4.Do you like to go ice skating or riding a bike?

5.What is your favorite food to took for summer time?

6.What is your favorite book to read?

7.What dream place would you really enjoy visiting?

8.Do you have any pets? If so, What kind?

9.What does Christ mean to you?

10.What encourage you to keep writing?

11.Where is your favorite place to go to for vacation?

My 11 Nominees for this Award:

1.Jessy B. @

2.Michelle –

3.Joshua –

4.James A. –

5.Kally –

6.Eguyadeen3 –

7.Jack Flacco –

8.Mom Life With Chiari –

9.Beverley –

10.SlimJim –

11.Dawn –

12 thoughts on “Sunshine Blogger Award #16

  1. Congratulations for bringing this Award back Mrs. Holliman. Thank you for nominating me for this Sunshine Blogger Award. I am humbled and grateful for this nomination. I will write it up and post it later my dear friend and Little Angel on earth.

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