God will be your Defender and Protector

I’ve been through storms. I felt pain. I’ve been hurt. Others. God, where are you? And even though the storm was hard to go through, they taught me some. It taught me to trust in Jesus. It taught me to pray. It taught me to stand with nothing left but faith, just faith. And like the song says, through it all, I’ve learned to trust in God. Through it all, I have learned to depend on his word. And guess what? He’s never let me down. It’s easy to be defined by one moment in life. Some people are defined by a failed relationship. A failed business venture? A divorce. A career ending injury. But in the Bible, the devil is called the accuser. And he would love to convince you that because of that one mistake, because of that one failure, because of that one season, you should begin to look down on yourself. But let me tell you that no matter the mistake you’ve made, God’s plan will still prevail.

God will still be done. God. New York in from your beginning. He knew all of your highs and your lows. He numbered good dates to exceed your bad dates. You might have faith, but you are not a faith. You might have had some bad choice, but that’s not who you are. You might have an issue or two, but you are not your issue, and you see the enemy as an accused will constantly throw negative labels to try and define. He’ll call you things like and add a failure or lose a drop. But the word of God calls you redeem it calls you a chosen generation. A royal priesthood. You are washed and made clear by the blood of Jesus. You are healed by his stripes. You are the head and not the tail. Don’t let the devil label because he does not determine your desk. Refuse the labels that other people try to stick on. Never believe the lives of the people you are fine, but by what God says about you are forgiven.

You are loved. You are saved. By his Amazing Grace, so move forward. Your mistakes are in the past and God is in your future. The other guy. About our hearts and lift our heads to look up to you a merciful and loving God. In agreement with everyone listening, I rebuke the spirit of fear over our lives. The only spirit we welcome, the only spirit we invite into our lives into our hearts and homes, is the spirit of God, the Holy Spirit. So, you could just shut up. Flashy don’t make no sense. I don’t fear words, don’t have nobody. I know that I’m every person get into argument in relationship is argument and nobody puts their hands on my body. Golf. And a sound mind I declare in the name of Jesus no spirit of fear will paralyze our thoughts and emotions. No spirit of fear will consume our hearts or trouble us in those moments when we’re alone.

There are times we need to take authority over spiritual forces and be delivered and set free from the oppressive powers of the enemy. Since the beginning of time, the devil’s been going around like a roaring lion, seeking whom he may devour. And I want to make this very clear. Our enemy, the devil, is the accuser of the brethren. He is a liar. The father of lies, in fact. Deception is his game and he plays it well. Now when he tries to do is if he can get you to live in fear, he knows that he has won the battle. And over the years, I have come to know people, some believers even, whose lives were filled with a tormenting and fearful spirit. And I want you to understand that God does not put you in bondage. But fear does God hold you in pure love. But fear will hold you in bondage. Remember Joe? He spoke. The theme, which I greatly feared has come upon me, and that which I was afraid of, is come unto me.

If you allow the spirit of fear to take root in your life, it gives birth to a lot of things to live in. Fear is like being caught in a snare. It’s like a bird caught in a net. And if your life is ruled by fear, you won’t be held captive. In that scenario, waiting for something that will never happen to happen. But I’ve got some good news for you. Can God deliver us from fear? Yes, he came. Can the Lord Jesus give us freedom and peace? Yes, he can. Can the Lord be our shiny light, a light that destroys the darkness of fear? Yes, he can speak over your life if you’re feeling fearful. The Lord is my light and my salvation. Whom shall, I fear? The Lord is the strength of my life. Of whom shall I be afraid? So as a child of God, I need to come to the understanding that for me to be an effective servant in God’s Kingdom I have to overcome fear. I have to believe what God’s word says concerning fear. I have to believe.

Who? God says I am overcoming fear will help reach my potential and exercise my rights as a born-again believer and as a joint heir with Christ. CR normally starts as I thought. That grows and grows until it until it controls us. This thought can be from anything. But when you dwell on it. When you constantly think of it and relive it, it becomes a spirit of fear. It’s important as a believer, the God, our thoughts in order to overcome the spirit, positive, godly thinking is encouraged, always bringing into captivity every thought to the obedience of Christ. The Bible sends. Meaning we have to be in control of our thoughts so that they don’t stray. It’s important to know that God is with you once you have received Jesus. Have you ever been involved in a fight? A fight for your job. A physical fight. A fight for your relationship.

We have all had to fight at some point. And one thing we need to realize is that every day. From the time we wake up to the time that we sleep. We are in a fight. We are involved in a conflict. There is a struggle between good and evil. And that struck. Here’s a spiritual battle. And it goes on every day. As we grow older and become more mature Christian. We’re called to be equipped. With the weapons that God has given. And we are called to put on the whole armor. And the question I want to ask you is. Have you answered that call? Have you answered call to put on the whole armor of God? People of God. The very first thing we have to remember in this battle is that we have an unseen enemy. It’s not a thing. It’s not the nightmare neighbor from hell. It’s not the workplace bully. Our unseen enemy could only be revealed in the spiritual realm.

Well, the eyes are fake. He could only be identified through those spiritualize of the search. And I want to inspire you today. To rattle you up. Every mind you that is not God’s will for us to be swayed by. It’s not God’s will. For us to be your feet. If I had to tell you, my story. I would have to tell you that there was a time that I hit rock bottom. There was a time where I was flat broke, no hope and things weren’t looking bright for me. And to make matters worse, do you know what I did at that time in my anger, in my rebellion, I turned my back on God. Why should have been patient? I was rushing acting out of my own will. Row should have had faith and let God be in control. I tried to control things. I did things my own way and chose the broad road because I felt there wasn’t enough room on the straight and narrow Road.

And for anyone who has ever tried to do things their way instead of God’s way, when you do something when you know good and well, that that’s not God’s will for your life. Let me say from experience that it never works out. Ask Jonah, how did it work out for him when he tried to outrun God calling? And so, for me, life happened after I ran. After I pulled away. After I ignored the conviction of the Holy Spirit in my heart, the Lord finally allowed a series of events that brought me to. Funny, I was stuck in a situation where I knew I knew deep down that I had to turn to Jesus. Life made me chase and seek after a power that is bigger than anything I had access to my problems, as many as they were, made me seek divine intervention. Have you ever been in a place where nothing seems to be working and you know only Jesus can get you out of this place? A place where no natural resources, no doctor, no psychologist, amount of therapy, no friend can get you out of this situation, but only Jesus Christ? 

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