The Purge Law In Chicago

Hello everyone!!! I am here to bring you the latest new from around the world. I just want to start by saying the this world is becoming something that it’s not suppose to be. God made this world for us to live in happiness and peace but people think that they can control the world.

I want for people to pay attention to what has happen in the USA. If people around the haven’t heard but in Chicago, they made it a law to purge just like on the movies. The government made these movies to make the world think that its6a movie but what’s  in a movie is happening in real life.

Everything in people minds think that what goes on the movies is not happening in real life. But how do you think they come up with the movie that the do. All you have to do is look at this article and see what the government has to say about this law.

People don’t see what is to come of this world. The second coming of Lord Jesus Christ is right around the corner. Take a little of your time and read this article about the Chicago Purge Law. Click here for the article: The Chicago Law this will blow your mind.

This should be a warning for people. When it starts 8n a few states ot is going to happen where you live at. Take heed to what I am saying and get prepared to protect your family. Things are about to get very hard for people. You have to be ready for what’s about to come.

Jesus Christ loves each and everyone of you. It’s time to repent and get right with Lord Jesus Christ and his Father God. I don’t want people to fall into this and not live. Take that path that God have for you.

This is going to bring pain to the people. How the government think they can think of who should live and who should die. They think they are God bit their not. What they are trying to do, God is going to show who is the most high.

Come to Lord Jesus Christ and repent of your sins. Jesus Christ is the only key into heaven. The time is now to come to Jesus Christ. Read the article and let me know what you think. Is Jesus coming soon? Is the question. Let me know what you think.

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