Prayer #1

Lord, you are the giver of hope. We may sorrow for lost loved ones who knew you because we miss them, but we do not sorrow as the world that has no real hope. We know that we shall see our brothers and sisters in Christ again, and we rejoice for them that they are now in a happier state. Amen

Prayer #2

Father, Thank you for your blessings. You are abundantly extravagant in Your blessings in my life. You give me grace and mercy, You provide for me. You protect me. You heal me. You withhold nothing from me. Help me to serve You, to walk uprightly, so that I may experience all the good things You have for me. Amen

Prayer #3

Father, My heart sings to You this day. You are my creator. You gave me life and You gave me purpose. As the earth shouts joyful praise unto You, so do I. You are worthy of all my praise, and I will shout Your name for all to hear. Thank You, who You are. Amen

Prayer #4

Lord, You have set me free because You have revealed to me Your truth. I believe it and I accept it. I retain it, live it, love it and walk in it daily. Thank You for driving sin from my heart and setting me free. Amen

Prayer #5

Jesus, I thank You for Your fervent prayer, which unites me not only with You, but with Your Father and my Father. Help me to see the extraordinary love He has for me, and that You have for me. I am eternally grateful for Your intercession on my behalf. Amen

Prayer #6

For women: Father, let me be a good wife to my husband. Show me how to meet his needs so that I may be a good thing. Help me to honor and respect him and care for him the way You have destined for me to do. Amen

Prayer #7

O Fountain of Living Waters, you are the source of all our true joy and the only legitimate object of our worship. How can we leave you? For where would we go? Who else has the Words of eternal life? Your word gives life through your Spirit, and all the idols of the nations do nothing but ensnare men in the carefully planted traps of Satan. Help us amend our ways and learn to both know you and love you more. Amen

Prayer #8

I know that I’m not perfect, I know sometimes I forget to pray. I know I have questioned my faith, I know sometimes I lose my temper, but thank you for loving me unconditionally and giving me another day to start over again. Amen

Prayer #9

Oh God, enlighten my mind with truth; Inflame my heart with love; Inspire my will with courage: Enrich my life with service. Pardon what I have been; Sanctify what I am; Order what I shall be, and thine shall be the glory, and mine the eternal salvation through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen

Prayer #10

O God, you see through hypocrisy, however well disguised. You know our hearts and minds even better than we know them ourselves. O Searcher of hearts, search me today with the light of your Word to see if there be any wicked way in me. Purge me from every sin and set me free to serve you in sincerity and truth. Amen

Prayer #11

Lord, I am so happy to be a child of the King. You chose me to call yours. You grafted me into your family and gave me a place to call my own. I am surrounded by your love and the love of every other believer who is led by your Spirit. In your family, I will never be orphaned. I will never be alone. Amen

Prayer #12

Jesus, I thank you for making the Father known to me. I thank you for reconciling me with the Creator, to whom I was lost, but for your sacrifice. You gave your life to give me mine, and I dedicate all my days to making you know. Amen