My struggle to GOD

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My life was a journey of struggle. I had a lot of evil things happen in my life that I thought will never go away. I was out doing things that wasn’t suppose to be doing in GOD’S eyes. I had a lot of hatred in my heart and didn’t care what happens in my life. I thought my life was over until one day I picked up a bible and started reading and praying. That’s when GOD came to me and said everything will get better. And I knew he was right because he is our father and GOD word is the truth. And after he told me that I felt like I am worth something. I NEVER want to let the lord down. Now in my life I only live for him. The important part of my story is that GOD sendings blessing in different ways and the way he sent mine was by sending me a man that loves me for me and that loves GOD first. He is my everything and I thank GOD for showing me that I matter and that I am loved. GOD to me is everything and if it wasn’t for GOD, I don’t think I’ll be here till this day. Praise GOD and blessings in his name.

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