This World Is Getting Out Of Control!!!

Let me start by saying that this world is getting out of control. There was no way that they should have been sending those kids back to school at a time like this. See people who have a little power think that they know what’s best but in this case they don’t. Here is an article that I ran into that I would like for you to read.

Georgia second grader tests positive for coronavirus after first day of school, forcing class to quarantine

Here is another bad thing that is going on in this bad world. How is it that a child in school get suspended for posting a picture of school on facebook. These people say that it is safe for the kids to come back to school but is it really? Read this article that I found on this matter. This is not how people are suppose to do things when it comes to people children. Click below to read the article.

Georgia Students Suspended for Sharing Viral Pictures of Packed School Hallway

And now they want to reverse what they did to the little girl because they know they were wrong. Here’s the article below.

Georgia school reverses suspension of teen who shared viral photo of hallway packed with students

23 thoughts on “This World Is Getting Out Of Control!!!

      1. And I will too, my older daughter just had surgery to remove a tumor and it had cancer cells I don’t want my youngest to accidentally give her the virus. I had a mild case of it months ago and believe me it was very difficult and Praise God I was able to overcome it

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      2. God is good and your family is also in my prayers. I know that your kids are some fighters and I pray that God sends his angels over them and protect them. And you are a strong mother and I am very happy that you overcame this evil virus.πŸ™πŸ™

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  1. Hello God’s Love Mrs. Holliman I can not believe taht a student got suspended for taking this shot of the hallway. The school admin I think are violating their civil rights or are they not ? The answer is YES !!

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      1. Yes, I have to agree with you children are being effected not just by this Pandemic but lots of other things. Opening schools to fast is going to harm kids as well. I stand with you Mrs. Holliman all the way !!

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